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Posted on: July 29, 2012



this is how i draw and cut my old traditional way, its long but this is what i am comfortable with,


Posted on: July 29, 2012


pambono my favourite


well this another of my pambono desing , i love the style and do it my way with templates.a lone quilter from Pakistan 

Well i so often use my blog, it was started by my son in austrelia, so i had little knowledge, abut it working, as now he is busy and has no time for my writing to post here, i am trying to use it myself, every time i hit and try and do add something , but by the nest post i seem to forget how it did it last time, and again start from scratch, as a senior citizen i am still glad i can use the computer to match with the younger generation, they say who is not on face book is not on the face of the earth , so i have opened an account there and more clever , i have a business page there as well, Leron Patchwork, some day i will explain what Leron means in local punjebi , and why i chose this word.Well i am happy to use this facility as i can share my thought through writing , do read my article . A trip to urdu bazar. and then i will tell you what my 2 brotheres have to tell about their trip to the same bazar

i always wondered why people want to touch my quilts, no matter how i display them or wrap them in layers od plastic bags, they some how sneak peak a finger from dont know which hole and touch it and love doing it , and dont shy away.in a show i had a bargello fabric wall habginh framed and hung above the normal level , but it dint stop any from toucing it , no matter how high they had to tip toe or even jump a bit..it ws not thir fault in fact, it was all in fire colours with black thin fabric in each seem, it was facinating even to me, people used to come to my stall first just for the reason it attracted them from the chaos of the stall, then they would simply see it , then come closer, closer and the softly touchin it , and were amazed to know it is not a print but stitched, with less than one inch fabric od many many shades of orange and yellow. some even tried to crawl their hand behind the frame and feel it , as if it was some magic trick, believe me i was so carried away by these jestures that i wanted to gift it to them.
smoe professional photograprers honoured it with taking multipel photos if it from different angles. it was a joy to experience it all. eventually i had to sell it , as it was made for selling.

I always wonder why we spend hours on all our lives to make a piece of warm cloth , when we can have a cheap blanket any where any time.I work 8 hours a day and ok i work , but its in my blood and i have simply no choice , but to cherish and enjoy this way , but then why one should buy it , buyer is not compelled to do so, why a quilt is fasinating to other, what they see in it, my neck breaking endless hours put ioto it , or the heavy price they pay for it as compated to a local synthetic quilt.
people simly fall in love with it, and are as compelled to buy it as i am to make it.
it makes a bridge inbetween us, like threaded in the same string, doing our part of job,
stiil wondering why

Well I searched the whole web. It’s for the first time I am utterly deprived of any answers. It never happened to me in my entire web searching life. It was a new and sorrowful experience of my small web life. I wondered weather it is an extremely bizarre thing to ask or it’s all hushed up matter, or am I the only one asking this question. But the fact of the matter is not a single website had any keyword to open at all or have some material about it. 

Ok then I tried ‘hobby’, and it was some help to my hours of failed research. I made a round trip of all hobbies and somehow found some explanation to what we quilters do. As quilting is mostly a feminine hobby it is not at all mentioned in most websites. Imagine not even in Wikipedia. I felt more alone. 

So from the aspect of quilting as a hobby I found that why we quilt? Why we spend hours upon hours of our mortal life to make some piece of fabulous piece of art. It is done by both rich and poor. Poor man’s need is rich man’s art. Ladies in court do it and women in gipsy tent do it. Some men do it too. I saw wonderful work of a Japanese gentleman. It was real art, not an ordinary quilt. 

So here it is what I found on the websites definitions without opening them. 

Word — HOBBY

A hobby horse is a wooden or wickerwork horse toy made to ride just like a real horse. From this came the expression to ride ones hobby horse, meaning to follow a favourite pastime .In modern times, sense of recreation.


First an old proverb,

“A person with a hobby never goes mad, People around do”.

For sure. I can see.

Here are the expressions

1– A hobby is an activity that is undertaken for pleasure.


2– Hobby is time consuming

Very right

3– Hobby is a thing you always want to do in your spare time.


4– Having hobbies help to make you an interesting person.

So I experienced.

5– It gives you something fascinating to talk about with others.

Yeah, i talk a lot

6– Hobbies are what living are all about. Find a way to cure your boring life.

Very much agreed as my sister has retired from teaching and she has no hobby and is about to fall in deep depression, may be already is, let me check.

7– Some hobbies result in an end product of some sort; prove to turn it in a business.

A life time job for me. Never retiring.

8– Hobbies are practised for interest and enjoyment, rather than financial reward.

Very true! All my savings fall prey to fabric collection.

So we get the point. Like all hobby nerds we are doing it for the pleasure of doing it. The better part is the end with some physical results. Like some piece of material turned into useful thing. 

No matter what we say I remember my father commenting one day when I gave him a quilted tea cosy for his favourite evening tea. He looked at the intricate design and all the quilting stitches, and very sorrowfully advised me. Dear daughter if you have so much spare time in your life, go read some good books. It will polish your mind and will help you understand that time is very precious. 

I never dared give him another needle work.

So we are the way we are. Maybe God created this universe and all what’s in it. We tried to do so in our own limited ways .I am not sure about this notion. But when it’s in the blood, you have to have an explanation. 

Or may be I am wrong, just go ahead and do it. 

So here I am going to work on my Nosegay block design. It’s waiting patiently dangling halfway on my sewing machine behind me. 

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